Took a trip to Remington

When I first titled this shoot I had only began to edit.  As I go through the pics it brings tears to my eyes.  This is brotherly love at its best.  Each brother has his own battles to deal with neither knowing how the other one is truly feeling inside.  However they both lean on each other for support and it is evident in the pictures.  I love it…4270515054804780620


1st Birthdays…

1st birthdays are the best. The child has no idea what is about to happen, but they soon realize they are the best thing ever. Your own special day.
After becoming a mother I realized that a child’s birthday is such a celebration and it is just as important to the mother as the child. That day is a day a mother will never forget. It changes your life in so many ways. Oh how I love birthdays…

What is this?  What do I do with it?
What is this? What do I do with it?
Feels like it could be good...
Feels like it could be good...
Oh this is Heaven!!!
Oh this is Heaven!!!


Thinking!!!(Can you smell the smoke?) ~ Wow October is half way through. Not even wanting to think about the holidays yet? Well let’s face it, they will be here before we know it. Want great gift that keeps on giving? Or get a great marketing tool for your business – get some Holiday cards and calendars.
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Nov 28th 4pm
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